Guest Bloggers

Even though I've done most of the writing for Off Topic'd, I haven't done it all. I co-founded the blog with Ken Nail, a colleague and professional writer. In time, Ken moved on, and I looked for some other folks to provide content.

And it's an offer that's still open. Just leave a comment on this page if you'd like to be a guest blogger for Off Topic'd. There's no money in it, I'm afraid, but you will get to write about pretty much anything you want to.

Our guest bloggers

Ken Nail
- Ken was a co-founder of this blog and wrote pretty consistently for the first two years. When we both wrote, his posts were not only shorter than mine, but always garnered more reads as well!

Dwight Watt
- Dwight is an IT professional who shared his "Watt's Thoughts" with us before starting his own blog. His posts are about technology and politics.

John Amos
- John is a published author and local columnist. His posts focussed on various aspects of small-town life, and the passage of time.