Personal Stories

Sometimes things happen in my life that I just want to write about. Hopefully there are some insights here -- or perhaps different ways of looking at things -- that the reader can find beneficial. Because these stories aren't really about me, but things I think the reader may find useful for themselves.

My 0-Gauge Zen Garden
Perhaps this series could be filed under Collecting, but I don't think it belongs there. My essays about my toy train layout are a bit to metaphysical for that. With these posts, I'm not so concerned about the types of trains I'm have (which a collector would be) but rather what they represent. I've deliberately decided to go with a representational rather than a realistic setting for these toy trains, which leads to some unusual situations.

The semi-scale trains deliberately distort reality, as they're not a one-to-one model of a real-world prototype. So how realistic (or not) does the layout they're set on have to be? Answer: it's totally up to me, and my vision of what's appropriate. But how do I decide that? Well, that is a good question -- and one I try to work out in this serious.

Personal stories and anecdotes

Our road trip down U.S. Route 11 in Virginia July 2011
 -  In 2011, we decided to travel down Route 11 in Virginia. It was an interesting trip because we weren't traveling though some exotic location, but rather we were carefully exploring roads we had driven many times before (or in some cases simply bypassed on our way to some place else).

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