Thursday, August 10, 2006

Radio loses, listener wins (IMHO)

A recent article in Podcasting News caught my eye. It ponders the decline of satellite radio as a result of increased podcast listening. As someone who's worked in the field of both commercial and public radio for sometime, I've been following the upheavals in the industry with some interest. I think the audience is settling into new listening habits, and it might be a bit soon to predict with absolute certainty how it's going to end up.

Reading the article did make me rethink my own listening habits. I've never subscribed to satellite radio, but I do subscribe to a fair amount of podcasts -- more than a fair amount. I had been vaguely aware that I was listening to less radio during my 35-minute daily commute as I discovered more podcasts, but it wasn't until I thought about it that I realized I hadn't listened to the radio in the car in about two months.

Worse yet, I didn't miss it. Satellite radio never had me as a listener, but now it seems terrestrial radio doesn't either….
- Ralph


  1. This is a bit of a necro-comment, but two months on, are you still listening to podcasts? What are you listening to these days?

  2. An excellent question. There's some perception in the media that podcasting is a passing fad. If I had answered this question six months ago, the list would have been different - some shows have disappeared, and others fell by the wayside. Here's what I listen to now instead of commercials for Brown's Auto Center and Jim Price Cheverolet.

    Association of Music Podcasters New Music Weekly

    Bach's Lunch - classical music from WMFT

    Classical Masterpieces from Deutsche Welle (a six-part series of concerts with the Berlin Philharmonic, Kent Nagano conducting)

    Coverville - all about cover songs (three times weekly)

    Naxos Classical Music Spotlight (weekly)

    Radio 1's Best of Unsigned - indie music from BBC's Radio 1 (weekly)

    The Great American Music Hour - indie music with a singer/songwriter slant (weekly)

    The Tartan Podcast - indie music from Scotland (weekly)

    Thomas Edison's Attic on - historic recordings from 1890 - 1929 (bi-weekly)

    Denver Post - Today in Music History

    Inside Europe from Deutsche Welle - a weekly news magazine ala "All Things Considered" focusing on Europe.

    Today - interviews with newsleaders from BBC Radio 1 (daily)

    60-Second Science (daily)

    Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders - Stanford Business School lecture series (six-eight times a year)

    The Marketing Edge - an occasional podcast from Provident Partners, a marketing consultant group that specializes in new media.

    One Minute Tip - Photoshop Wednesdays (weekly vidcast of Photoshop how-tos)

    Science Talk: The Podcast of Scientific American (weekly)

    This Week in Media (weekly)

    This Week in Tech (weekly)

    This Week in Law (tech law, that is - weekly)

    12 Byzantine Rulers: The History of the Byzantine Empire (occasional) [OK, I'm a history geek]

    Ask a Ninja (occasional vidcast)

    Best of Moyles - BBC Radio 1 morning show (weekly)

    Denver Post - Lyrics Undercover - looking a song's lyrics in depth (weekly)

    Channel Frederator (occasional vidcast)

    Clash TV - 10 cult movies a month

    Hope is Emo

    In Our Time from BBC Radio 4 - a series of conversations about scientific concepts, philosophies and historic events that shaped modern thought (eight times a year)

    Inspired Minds from Deutsche Welle - an occasional series of interviews with creative artists

    Mostly Trival with your host Johnee Bee (occasional short trivia program)

    Refrederator - vintage cartoon vidcast (daily)

    Rocketboom (daily)

    The Onion Radio News (daily)

    VH1 Best Week Ever - (daily)
    - Ralph