Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A little clarification

Like Ken, I'm not that much concerned about Nestorianism. The Apostle's Creed sufficiently addresses the issue for me. 8-)

There's no question that the quest for profit drives the electronics business, as it does any business. Even at a little bitty company like DCD Records (basically, me) what happens or doesn't happen is influenced by profitability.

There are some real advantages to Blu-ray and HD DVD. Both of them can store an incredible amount of data. The added space makes higher resolution video possible, which is a plus for those with high-end audio/video systems. And recordable discs will be a boon to computer users and budding videographers working with laptops, among others.

I'm not knocking the new formats – just saying that the improvements over DVD aren't as apparent to the general public as some of the other format changes we've lived through.

- Ralph

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