Sunday, October 22, 2006

Return of the Marching Memes

Another edition of "Friday Night Lights" (the Orange County version) has come and gone, and I can't get the concept of marching memes out of my head. For those who came in late, I'm calling any of those short little musical quotes marching bands play in the stands "musical memes." These little song fragments have, in some cases, been off the charts for over a quarter of a century, and yet everyone know them.

In one sense, they're serving a similar purpose to ringtones -- they're a musical shorthand. I keep thinking that it might be possible for a band to provide running commentary throughout an entire game just by playing 16-bar song quotes.

So here's the challange: think of a musical meme that would work for a football game. It must be short, have an identifiable melody, and words that everybody knows. And it would be helpful to list its purpose. I'll add to the list as I think of things -- and hopefully Ken will have some more. And maybe you will, too.

- Ralph

Marching Memes

Firing up the stands
"Song 2" - Blur

Opposing side penalty
"Hounddog" - Elvis Presley

Team losing with a big lead
"Where Did Our Love Go?" - Supremes

Team winning with big lead
"Na-na Hey Hey Goodbye" - Steam

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