Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who needs an iPhone, when...

I'm an archaic fossil, I guess, having just gotten my first cell phone (a MotoRazor v3m if you're keeping score). But after listening to a hail storm of publicity for the new iPhone this week, I found myself yearning for the days when life was simple.

There was a phone company.

You had a phone in your house (in the kitchen). Maybe another in the bedroom if you were "with it."

You didn't have many choices of phones, either.

Ah, but what phones they were! The phones of my youth were built to survive a thermonuclear detonation and were heavy enough to knock a hungry mutant dog senseless if you were one of the fortunate survivors. But those happy days are gone...

Or are they?

Seems there's a pretty good market for restored vintage phones out there. I don't know if they're being bought by old-timers with a nostalgic bent (kind of like me), or by young urban hipsters looking for the ultimate ironic addition to their Tiki bar-styled living room.

A quick Google search turned up many UK sites, so if you want an old-school continental look, there are plenty of options. The Robert Opie Collection impressed me the most. I especially liked the Swiss Wall Model. has some real beauties. These restored Argentinean phones have a pleasing roundness to them, with lovely pastel shades. Eva would have used one of these (if she'd lived long enough).

But in my book, you've got to go with the classic Bell System phones. has a great selection, including the classic "500" model, in black or colors. But if you've made a big investment in shag carpeting, you can't go wrong with the "Princess" model. Pink, anyone?


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