Thursday, March 22, 2007

The RIAA and the bum's rush

Today we see how powerful the web actually is. Today, everyone participating in the "Bum Rush the Charts" initiative will sign on to iTunes and purchase "Mine Again" by Black Lab. The goal is to show the music industry how much clout podcasters and bloggers really have, and how much purchasing power the RIAA risks losing by its continued whack-a-mole lawsuit strategies. If the plan is successful, "Mine Again" will rocket to the top of the iTunes chart for one day.

I invite you to pay close attention to the effects of this initiative. I'm curious to see how "Bum Rush the Charts" plays out across the digital divide -- and the digital subdivisions. Here's some things to look for over the next few days:

1) Coverage of any kind -- even a mention -- in the mainstream media
2) Coverage of any kind in the online editions of any mainstream media outlet
3) Coverage of any kind in blogs and other online media sites not directly involved with music

Ask others if they've even heard of the initiative. Most of the people I know haven't -- they're on the Internet but not really on the Internet. I hope the Bum's Rush succeeds (I've already purchased my copy). I wonder if it will succeed in crossing the digital subdivisions.

- Ralph

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