Monday, August 06, 2007

Getting Out More

We spent the weekend in Abingdon, enjoying the Virginia Highlands Festival (and visiting family). I also took a little break from the Internet -- not difficult when you only have dial-up!

Although the TV usually blares unheeded as background noise, this time, it was turned off -- and remained so almost the entire weekend.

Yes, "CE Conversations" deals a lot with Internet issues and news, but as I try to point out as often as possible, the Internet is not the be all and end all -- no technology is.

Our daughter was also in for the weekend. She's an outdoor recreation major, and during the visit, she called "Nature Deficiency Disorder" (NDD) to my attention. As kids turn more to electronics for entertainment, they become increasingly disconnected from the natural world. Less time spent outdoors means less time physically active, less exposure to natural light, and less interaction with other people -- resulting in NDD.

This past weekend, we practiced a little of the cure. We spent the weekend walking around Abingdon, swapping stories with family members, and, in general, being decidedly non-electronic. It wasn't deliberate -- it just turned out that way.

And it was wonderful.

People often tell me to go take a hike. Glad, I finally did.

Ken would be proud.

- Ralph

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