Sunday, March 30, 2008

WTJU and the Dream Babes

Wednesday morning I'll be hosting a special program for the WTJU fund-raising marathon. Why share this in a blog that's read far beyond the Charlottesville, Virginia broadcast area?

Simple. WTJU is also online. Folks from all over the world can listen through WTJU's website -- and pledge as well. So this invite's for everyone.

For the WTJU Spring Folk and Rock fund-raising marathon, I'm presenting "Dream Babes," three hours of mid-60's female Brit-pop. If you like Petula Clarke, Lulu, or Marianne Faithful -- well, you won't hear much of them on this program, but you will hear many others who were active around the same time.

I'll definitely play this Vashti Bunyan song (penned by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger).

And Sandi Shaw's classic, "Girl Don't Come."

And some groovy songs from the Paper Dolls.

So if you're ready for trip down memory lane (or in this case, Carnaby Street).

And don't forget -- this is fundraiser. I'm looking to raise $3,000 between 6:00AM and 9:00AM (Eastern Time). Thirty listeners pledging $100 each out of the thousands listening will handily do the trick. Will you be one?

- Ralph

After the show, I'll do a followup post with a complete playlist, and how close I came to reaching my goal.

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