Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Real Joy of Collecting

Collecting isn't the same as accumulating. And it's certainly not the same as hoarding.

My definition of a good collection is one where every item's there for a reason -- and sometimes connected with a story.

Ken recently placed a number of items he found cleaning out his parent's house on eBay. The toy soldiers and accessories didn't mean much to him. They'd been packed away since before his birth.

Unlike Ken, I'm very interested in old toys. Two items he had for sale especially caught my eye -- a 1936 Tootsie Toy Special Delivery van, and a Barclay artillery truck of similar vintage.

So I started bidding on the trucks. I didn't think I'd actually get them, but I didn't mind. At the very least, I was helping a friend get more for his items. As it turned out, bidding was sluggish. Even though I went a little higher than I meant to, I ending up winning the items.

I'm happy.

These were a real find. But that's only part of the joy of collecting here (besides a great deal). The Tootsie Toy and Barklay trucks come with a story of how I accidentally got them helping a friend. And they'll always remind me of that friendship.

You'll not be seeing these two toys on eBay again.

- Ralph

Day 74 of the WJMA Web Watch.

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