Monday, July 13, 2009

The Dramamine Bender

I have to take Dramamine when I fly. It doesn't quite knock me out, but it makes me drowsy enough that I free-associate. And with a brain full of useless trivia and arcania, that can lead to some odd experiences.

On the entire flight back from San Diego to Virginia, I had a song stuck in my head. It was the old Top-40 hit "Bend Me, Shape Me." Now if you're of a certain age (or familiar with AM radio hits), you might think I had the American Breed on continual loop.

Yes, that was their one hit (and some of the members would go on to form Rufus, which also had one hit). But that's not what was stuck in my head. No, my subconscious had to serve up the version covered in the UK by the Amen Corner. And if you play both of the videos, you can see just how different these arrangements are.

I have some Amen Corner on various compilations, but I hadn't really listened to them in a while. Once I got home, I played their other tracks "Hey! Hey! Girl" and "Hello Susie" to get "Bend Me, Shape Me" out of my head (It worked).

Yikes. Maybe next time I'll take the train.

- Ralph

Day 96 of the WJMA Podwatch.


  1. An amazing drummer in the first video. He makes noise without hitting the drum heads. I guess he's doing the brass, too?


  2. Yeah, he's multi-talented, all right. Of course the standard practice at the time was to lip-sync for TV. But there were always a few wiseacres who intentionally strained the limits of credibility.