Thursday, January 13, 2011

CES &HD Radio -- reality check, please!

Last post I commented on the disconnect between radio industry magazines and general media coverage on the importance of HD Radio. A post today further reinforced that distinction. Their post What We Learned from CES: 5 Big Consumer Trends to Watch listed the following as said trends:
  1.  Dual-core smartphones
  2. Continued growth of Android OS
  3. New computing tablets to compete with the iPad
  4. The improved Internet connectivity of new TVs,( and speculation that consumers won't care)
  5. Apple's continued market dominance, and how they're responding to competition.
The article is definitely worth reading, but I invite you to do something else with it, too. Do a word search for "HD Radio" -- or even just "radio."

Then read HD Radio Technology at CES 2011... More Than Ever, iBiquity's press release. As my high school English teacher used to say, compare and contrast.

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