Monday, February 07, 2011

The Straco Layout, Part 2 - Getting the board

A standard piece of pegboard proved to be just
the right size for a complete circle of track.
The first step in building the Straco layout was selecting the board. I had some criteria for what I was looking for:

1) Function - I wanted something simple and portable. The track may be permanently affixed to the board, but I know I wont' be leaving it up all the time. So I was just looking for a flat surface.

2) Weight - I wanted something light for portability. Something like subflooring would be way too heavy.

3) Stability - I wanted something that was flat, and would stay flat over a long period of time.

4) Looks - This is by no means an intense model railroading project! The Straco Express is a brightly colored tin toy, and so something that keeps on the toy side of things is preferable.

Solution: A common piece of pegboard. It's durable enough to be flat, and just wide enough to accommodate the curves. I'll be reinforcing it with some thin strips of wood underneath to help it stay flat after priming and painting.

Total cost on this project so far: $8.32 for the pegboard, finishing molding, and flathead screws.

Read more about the whole project here.


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