Monday, August 22, 2011

The Straco Layout, Part 11 - Truckin'

I had an opportunity to add something to the Straco Express layout. As you might recall, the project started when I purchased this early 1960's Japanese-made tin toy train on a whim. Since even new, the toy was inexpensively made and only marginally operational, I didn't want to spend a lot on it -- and I haven't.

The most recent improvement was the laying down of a road on the layout (OK, spreading some grey paint around). So the next step was to add some vehicles. And in keeping with the intent of the project, I found one that didn't cost me anything.

In looking for other things at my Dad's house recently, I ran across this small stake truck that I had as a boy. It's approximately the same age as the Straco Express, and decidedly Japanese (I believe it's Linemar, but would welcome confirmation on that).

The truck's been played with. Originally there were metal hubcaps on all the wheels, and a hinged door in the back. Nevertheless, the price was right, so onto the layout it goes.

Yeah, that truck makes all the difference!

The next step is find a few more vehicles of appropriate origin and vintage, and perhaps some other scenic elements. But for now, at least someone's using that new road!

Read about the entire Straco Express project here.

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