Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Laughing awkwardly

I guess it's true that there's no subject too specialized for a blog. One of my favorite humor sites is Awkward Family Photos. In addition to having some cringe-worthy photography, it's actually a pretty good-natured site. The goal isn't to make fun of the subjects, but simply to acknowledge that not all poses are flattering. And most of the submissions come from the subjects themselves!

So there's a whole site devoted to just, well, awkward family photos. And today I discovered one even more specialised: awkward classical music photos. This site has the same general idea -- taking publicity shots and album covers that, at the very least, don't do their subjects any favors.

And like AFP, the idea isn't ridicule. The site was organized by people who love classical music, and it's a way to turn the mirror of fun on ourselves.

So in order to enjoy this site, you have to:

1) Have the type of humor that would appreciate the images in the right way.

2) Have a knowledge and appreciation of classical music and its traditions.

That's a pretty narrow focus. And yet, there's the site, and it seems to be enjoying a fair amount of traffic. What's next? A viola-only awkward photo site?

It could happen, I suppose.

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