Wednesday, February 01, 2012

eBay - Knowing when to quit (Epilogue)

It's nice, just not $23.99 nice.
Earlier I wrote about an eBay auction I decided to walk away from because of the true -- rather than apparent -- cost. To recap, I was bidding on an item that was worth $10-$15 to me. With shipping, my max bid of $10.00 obligated me to spend $19.49 if I won the auction. Well, I didn't.

The winning bid was $13.50, for a total cost of $23.99. I'm glad I didn't go on. After the bidding fever subsided, I would have been upset with myself for paying about twice what (I think) I should have.

I'll just add that $23.00 to my money for the York train meet -- where I can usually find these items for around $10.00.

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