Friday, November 09, 2012

CCC - The First Fifty

 I started the Consonant Classical Challenge  to show that the characterization of modern music as ugly and unlistenable was simply unfair. When I began, I knew of several living composers that fit the list. Soon enough, though, it became a challenge for me to keep finding composers for the survey. It's a challenge I've enjoyed, and I've discovered a lot of great music along  the way (which I've shared with you in this series). I've found fifty living composers who -- each in their own way -- have made use of classical music traditions to create works that connect rather than break with the past. Beginning next week, I'll see if I can find at least fifty more...

01 Lowell Liebermann 26 Richard Danielpour
02 Arnold Rosner27 Jack Jarrett
03 Jennifer Higdon28 Samuel Zyman
04 Bechara El-Khoury29 Michael Abels
05 Michael Torke30 David Del Tredici
06 Michael Daugherty31 John Tavener
07 John Corgliano32 Valentin Silvestrov
08 Joan Tower33 Tarik O'Regan
09 John Adams34 Beata Moon
10 Jau Greenberg35 Nico Muhly
11 Christopher Theofanidis36 William Duckworth
12 Robert Ward37 Judith Zaimont
13 Adolphus Hailstork38 George Walkerb
14 Eric Ewazen39 Thomas Oboe Lee
15 Walter Ross40 Judd Greenstein
16 Samuel Adler41 Paul Moravec
17 Einojuhani Rautavaara42 John Joubert
18 Max Richter<43 peteris Vasks
19 Avner Dorman44 Juan Orrego-Salas
20 Carl Vine45 Leo Brouwer
21 Eric Whitacre46 Kenneth Fuchs
22 John Rutter47 Larysa Kuzmenko
23 Christopher Rouse48 Crt Sojar Voglar
24 Peter Schulthorpe49 Ester Mati
25 Kevin Puts50 Dobrinka Tabakova

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