Friday, February 13, 2015

Dick Tracy Comes to a Head

Mike Curtis and Joe Staton have done it again. The February 12. 2015 sequence of Dick Tracy seems to be just a throwaway. Brother and sister villains Silver Nitrate and Sprocket are celebrating their good fortune. The previous day's strip showed them concluding a deal with Mrs. Flattop for the return of her son's restored car and being handsomely paid for it (to unpack all the Dick Tracy lore contained in that one sentence would take at least two posts).

Our criminal pair are dancing around and singing -- but not just any song. (click on image to enlarge)

I read the first panel and instantly knew what they were singing (the second panel confirmed it, of course). It's "The Porpoise Song," which opened the movie "Head." This was the Monkees' 1968 feature film that finished off their career. Although not successful at the box office, it has become something of a cult favorite (see: An appreciation of "Head," the Monkees movie).

Far out.

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