Friday, November 17, 2006

Camping out?

Ah, the lifestyle of the early adopter! On my way to the pool on Thursday morning I saw them -- the early adopters/gamers/geeks camped out in front of the local big box store waiting for the new PlayStation 3.

I won't try to figure them out. After all, they probably think I'm stupid for getting up at 5 AM to swim a couple of miles -- who am I to criticize their choice of recreational activities?

I will, however, try to make a few suggestions for making their stay in the great outdoors a little easier.

First off, you've got to have power. May I suggest this nifty device from Xantrex? The XPower 1500 will supply your encampment with over 1300 watts of power -- enough to power a refrigerator, LCD screen, laptop, and (soon to be obsolete) game console.

As far as shelter goes, it's shocking to see what passes for a tent these days. Ditch that WalMart tent and step up to The North Face 2 Meter Expedition Dome. Sure, it may look like overkill, but if you're going to lay down six bills for a game console, shouldn't you make sure you can rest in comfort while you wait, protected from wind and rain? And since it holds 8, there's plenty of room for your friends -- party time!

Speaking of lying in comfort, you'll want to stay warm at night. There's no substitute for a good down bag -- light and warm to the max -- perfect for your fast-moving style.

Now that you're snug and warm, you'll need entertainment.

Got some movie suggestions, Ralph?


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