Friday, November 17, 2006

DVD PS3 Q-list

Suggestions for DVDs to watch while waiting in the PlayStation 3 que.

There's several ways to go here. One thought would be to bring movies with the longest running-times to help pass the time. Just sticking to theatrical releases, there's "Napoleon" (235 min) if you want to do serious cinema. Or try "1900" (333 min.) if you want to add color and sound. Of course there's the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, the "Star Wars" movies and so on which can all help pass the time.

Another thought (and a little more in line with the gamer's demographic) would be use that time for a season retrospective of your favorite TV series. How about the complete "Babylon 5"? Or one of the Star Trek series, or something similar. An interesting viewing experiment might be to do a complete run of "24" -- playing each program in its corresponding hour. See if your powers of reason match Jack Bauer's after staying awake for 20+ hours.

Or you could have a filmfest of videogame-based movies to get you in the mood for your new purchase (and maybe arouse the fighting spirit necessary to make it through the frenzied mob of fellow shoppers).

"Resident Evil,"
perhaps, or "Mortal Kombat." "Lara Croft, Tomb Raider," or maybe "The Last Starfighter" if you're really old skool. You could try "Super Mario Bros." or "Street Fighter" if you wanted to make it a real stink-fest (with appropriate MST3K-style commentary).

And let's not forget the top-selling DVD of all time based on a video game -- Pokemon.

- Ralph

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