Thursday, April 03, 2008

Arcania International on WVTF -- Part 3!

This week Connie Stevens continued her series profiling Arcania International artists on public radio station WVTF. The segment, "Captive Audio" uses Arcania's "Ol' Virginia Soul" and "Aliens, Psychos and Wild Things" compilation CDs of Virginia soul groups and garage bands of the 1960's as its starting point.

Junius Bug Hughes, who recorded "I'm Just What the Doctor Ordered" in the sixties is this week's subject. While his record didn't take him to the big time, he still managed to have a successful music career before moving back to Virginia and becoming an ordained minister.

It's an interesting story, well-told by Stevens through judicious editing and the use of background sounds.

And of course, it throws some attention to "Ol' Virginia Soul: Encore!" where Hughes' track can be found. So both as a public radio listener and the distributor of Arcania International releases, I enjoyed the segment very much!

- Ralph

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