Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Joan Woodbury

Yesterday I wrote about the 1936 B picture "Rogues Tavern" and how Joan Woodbury really stood out in the film -- and started me on a search to find other movies she was in.

It was similar to my discovery of the African-American actor Mantan Moreland in "King of the Zombies."

So I was a little chagrined to find out that "King of the Zombies" also starred Joan Woodbury! Usually when an actor is called to my attention, I can recall if I've seen them before in other movies. In this case, Moreland's performance so outshone everyone else's that I didn't remember Woodbury was in the movie at all.

Yet there she is. This is her first appearance in the film. The downed American flyers (Dick Purcell and John Archer) have just met the wife of their mysterious host, Dr. Miklos Sangre (Henry Victor). They help the mentally ill woman to her room, where they discover Sangre's niece, played by Woodbury.

Quite a change from her appearance in "Rogues Tavern," shot five years before.

And that's part of the fun of these old movies. Sometimes its not just what I discover, but what I rediscover.

- Ralph

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