Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where's Ralph? Footballing in Nigeria

Ken and I just wrapped up another Nigerian scammer scam -- our fifth. This one just happened by accident. It started when I received an email from a friend I had seen just a few hours before. The email claimed said a friend had been mugged in London and needed money to come home! I wrote my friend to let him know his email address book had been hacked, but it was the scammer who responded!

The game was on. I kind of made this one up as I went along. We soon moved from reality to "Green Acres," which somehow lead to a showdown between two dead presidents (or rather, their relatives). And then, all of a sudden, everything changed, and Roy Rogers (as played by Ken) rode onto the scene.

I've changed the name of my friend, but otherwise the emails are exactly as we received them. Chapter One has the bulk of the tale, Chapter Two begins when our favorite Texas oilman enters the scene.

I must say, the scammers' fake documents were better than we've seen to date, but I think our fake documents are still better -- I wonder sometimes if we're on the right side of this game.

Make sure you read carefully. We sprinkled the letters with puns, pop culture references, and made-up Western slang that probably didn't translate well.

For your reading pleasure, we present the Story of John and Marsha and Roy.

Chapter One: John and Marsha
Chapter Two: John and Roy


  1. Ralph,

    Another great caper...and inspired graphics. I really think the best thing we can do is to waste these guys time. And you have done that superbly.

    If you have an actual loss or just want to know what types the things the bad guys are up to check this Internet Crimes site.


  2. Ross;

    Good point. We usually include a warning with these involuntary collaborations about the dangers of these type of scams. They're still going on because people are still being fooled by them -- and netting big payoffs, to boot. Thanks for the info!

  3. I forgot that the URL I included would be stripped out. Here it is again in a different format: www dot ic3 dot gov