Sunday, January 01, 2012

Year's Beginning, 2012

As promised, here's the second half of yesterday's post]. I was thinking about the phrase "2011 was the last time I..." and realized it was simply one half of the coin.

I could also say "2012 was the first time I..."

This year there will be the first time many things could happen. It could be the first time I meet someone, or the first time I start a new activity.

However, "first time" implies part of a series. If the first time is also the last time, then I don't think that counts. Some thing's I'll be able to mark in 2012 as first times. I know, for example, that I'll be doing something new at work this year. So even in January I'll be able to say that "2012 was the first time I..."

But for some others, it might take a little while longer. Someone I meet this year I might not see again for another few years. It may only be then that I will be able to say "2012 was the first time I met..."

The same was true for 2011. Some I knew right away, some only became obvious much later, and still others, well, I won't know for some time. So I'm looking forward to this adventure labeled 2012 -- even if I won't know what they all were until much later...

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