Sunday, June 17, 2012

Men's 4-Miler Training, Part 10 - Race Day

I'm chronicling my efforts to get back into running after a long absence. To start, I'm participating in the Men’s 4-Miler Training Program offered by the Charlottesville Track Club

 If this were a movie, then I would be out at Scott Stadium, moving my body through sheer force of will, making myself complete the four-mile course. But it’s not. So I’m having to sit out the race. While the kidney infection has mostly run its course, I’m still quite weak, and a secondary infection has settled in my knees. So I not only don’t have the energy to walk, but it's painful to do so.

 I’m forced to sit this race out, but I’m not done yet. Once I’ve recovered (and I intend to fully recover), I’m going back into training. Even if I have to start back at the beginning of the four-miler training program, I’ll do it. This is the second time my running has been sidetracked by illness, and I’d like it to be the last! Good luck to everyone who’s running today. I’m with you in spirit.

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