Monday, August 20, 2012

Running the Road to Recovery - 4

Running the Road to Recovery is about coming back from an illness. In June, 2012 I was in training for a 4-mile race, and was able to run 3-4 miles at a decent (OK, mediocre) rate of speed. A kidney infection that triggered a secondary infection to my knees derailed my training. But only temporarily.

I didn't feel like I was working that hard, so I extended the run first to 2 minutes, and then to 3 by the end of the week. One of the things I remembered from training was the importance of breathing. So even though my pace hasn't changed, my breathing hasn't either. I still take a breath every 4-5 steps, and make sure I keep the same pace up hill and down.

This week I'll be doing some running on a track -- my goal is do a full 4 miles and see what my time actually is. I'll also be significantly increasing the running portions, too. Be nice to increase the speed, but we'll go for endurance first.

Date Time Distance Run/Walk Rate
8/20/12 38:22 2.36k 3 min./30 sec. 3.60k/h
8/13/12 32:37 1.95k 1.5 min./30 sec. 3.60k/h
8/5/12 29:49 1.76k 1 min./30 sec. 2.88k/h
7/30/12 13:30 .80k 1 min./30 sec. 2.88k/h

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