Monday, March 25, 2013

Fastidious Spam 2 - What's my part?

What is it about this penny toy that spammers find
so attractive?
If I commented on all the goofy, awkwardly translated spam that this blog attracts, that would pretty much by the subject of every post. While most of it is pretty crude, occasionally I receive something that is amusingly off the mark (see Fastidious Spam).

For some reason, part of my long-running series of posts about my Japanese tin toy display has attracted an extraordinary amount of spam. The Straco Layout, Part 23 - Lumbering Along is a modest essay about how Nomura used a simple design to create various different tin toy vehicles.

Something in the post apparently has something spammers are looking for, and it consistently remains one of the most highly trafficked Off Topic'd posts. Like this one:

Highlу energetic artiсlе, I liked that bit. 
Will thеre be a part 2? Feel free to ѕurf to my web site :: Hotels Near Mactan Airport Cebu Philippines 

I found this amusing for two reasons (three if you count the mis-match between the subject of vintage Japanese toys and hotels in the Philippines)

The first is the characterization of the article (that the spambot hadn't read). Here's a quote from that "highly energetic article."

I recently purchased a small lumber truck to add to the display. As with the other vehicles, it was made in Japan in the 1950s’-1960’s. And like the other vehicles, it has some features that I found of interest.

The first was the quality of construction. Although the metal chassis isn’t painted, it still completely encloses the body. It has a friction drive and rubber wheels, so this is a higher-end “penny toy.”

The second is the request. "Will there be a part 2?" Dude, it says Part 23 in the title! We're way beyond Part 2. But I'm thinking the spambot didn't read that either.

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