Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Phantom Insider 4

"For those who came in late." For decades that's been the caption for quick recaps of the origin story of the The Phantom. It had a certain irony to it, as the first member of the Walker family to become the Phantom did so in 1536. No matter how long you've been reading the strip, you've come in late!

The current creative team of Tony DePaul and Paul Ryan use the phrase to signal a cameo by the comic strip's creator, Lee Falk. Rather than recap the origin of the Phantom, Falk (the character) simply gets readers up to speed with the current story.

As I noted in the Falk's last appearance (The Phantom Insider 3), the current story is partially set in the actual New York City apartment building where Falk lived. So while he does break the fourth wall and talk directly to the reader, his appearance is quite logical. After all, he's just going to his apartment. (click on images to enlarge)

DePaul and Ryan are clearly having some fun with this convention. And when the creators have fun with a comic strip, it usually translates to fun for the attentive reader.

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  1. To bad that this was edited out in Norwegian publication.