Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Kenner Sky Rail Project Part 7 - Girder and Panel

The Kenner Sky Rail Restoration Project is technically over. the Capital Miniature Auto Collectors Club held their July meeting. The program featuring building sets used with toy cars was well-researched -- and well-received. For those who are interested, below are the sets that were presented and discussed. Parts 7 and 8 feature the sets my dad, er, volunteered me to bring in, assemble, and give a brief history of. Parts 9 and 10 feature sets other members brought in. It was quite a night! (click on images to enlarge)

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Kenner Girder and Panel Sets

The "girder and panel" building system was developed by Kenner, and they used it in over thirty different sets between 1957 to 1965. I brought three of the four I owned to the meeting. What I left out was the No. 4 Bridge and Turnpike set. This set constructed bridges, cloverleafs, and other raised roadways for use with 1/87 diecast vehicles. Later this year the club will be having a presentation on roadway sets used with toy cars, which is when I'll display the No. 4.

The No. 3 Girder and Panel Building Set (1957) had side panels and roof panels. When placed on the girder frame, one could easily make modern-looking (for 1960) skyscrapers and office building. I built one of the models pictured in the instruction book and was taken with how convincing the finished model looked. My set had almost all the pieces, including the accent signs. Note the "Space to Let" sign on the building front.

The No. 16 Build-A-Home Subdivision Set (1962) introduced a diagonal I-beam for the pitched roofs of homes. New roof panels were included, and the wall panels simulated either wood or brick facades with colonial-style window and door treatments. Again, I made one of the models from the instruction book, but it occurred to me I could have easily built a row of overpriced modern townhouses. The set included a variety of accessories, including two pools, several Styrofoam trees, barbeque pits, and climbing vines. Perhaps I should have built a gated community!

And of course, I presented the No. 18 Sky Rail set. Which did indeed work during the presentation.

And here's the instruction sheet I used.

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