Friday, February 15, 2008

Still fair and balanced -- our bottom five posts

Our last post we took stock of where we were after 20,000 views and ran down our five most popular posts. Just as we did when we hit the 10,000 mark, we're also going to list the five least popular posts, in descending order. After all, if we celebrate the good, we ought to acknowledge the bad.
5) After the Bum Rush -- My analysis of the attempt to send the record labels a message by pushing an independent release to the top of the iTunes charts. Was it successful? Fortunately, more folks responded to the challenge than read my post about it.

4) I Want My MTV YouTube -- I'm hoping this one's in the gutter just because it's so recent. I offer up the concept that YouTube serves the function of the original version of Music Television.

3) Pulling Cable -- Ken observed new fiber being laid in his neighborhood. Would HDTV finally be available? Did you care?

2) The Revolution Will Be Dugg -- My attempt to put the spreading of DRM codes as an act of civil disobedience into a larger context.
And the absolute least-read post so far:
1) Return of the Marching Memes -- This was also the least popular 10,000 views ago. When you're not interested, you're really not interested.
Four of the five bottom posts are mine. Ken finally has an entry, but he still comes out ahead when you look at the most popular posts. No matter how we look at the stats, you, gentle reader, have voted with your mouse clicks. Quality wins over quantity once more. And I don't think either of us would want it any other way.

- Ralph

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