Friday, February 23, 2007

A milestone -- and our top five posts

Sometime this morning CE Conversations passed an important milestone. We've had over 10,000 views since Ken and I started this blog back in August. The counter down on the lower right counts direct hits to this site -- the number I'm referring to are visits to our Feedburner site, that creates our RSS feed.

Feedburner provides a variety of traffic stats, included one that tells us which posts are the most read. And so, to celebrate the passing of the 10,000 view mark, here's a rundown of our five most popular posts as determined by you, the reader.

5) Dust-catching DVDs (Ralph) -- an examination of the value of renting vs. owning media

4) Publishing Pariah (Ralph) -- the first installment of our posts about "White Lies"

3) "Better" Best Be Better (Ralph) -- a look at the urtext of the Blu-ray/HD DVD format war

2) Digital junk food (Ken) -- articulating the role of short-form video on the Internet
And the most popular post to date,
1) Who needs an iPhone, when.... (Ken) -- suggesting an alternative to the iPhone madness
Ken's two entries have more views combined then do my three, proving that you prefer quality to quantity. Congratulations, Ken!

- Ralph

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