Friday, February 15, 2008

Another milestone -- and our top five posts

Late last night CE Conversations passed another important milestone. Our eccentric little blog has passed the 20,000 view mark, according to Feedburner.

Feedburner tracks the subscribers to our RSS feed and hits to our Feedburner site. (The StatCounter down on the lower right of this page tracks direct hits to this site -- but only for the past few months.) Feedburner provides a variety of traffic stats, included one that tells us which posts are the most read. And so, to mark the 20,000 view milestone, here's a rundown of our five most popular posts.

5) "Better" Best Be Better (Ralph) -- a look at the urtext of the Blu-ray/HD DVD format war

4) Digital junk food (Ken) -- articulating the role of short-form video on the Internet

3) A Worthy Supporting Role (Ken) -- commentary on Rex Ingram's role in "Sahara" and how it played against racial stereotypes

2) Who needs an iPhone, when.... (Ken) -- suggesting an alternative to the iPhone madness
And the most popular post to date,
1) Greenberg Revisited (Ralph) -- discussing the importance of well-researched price guides as opposed to relying on Ebay to determine the value of collectibles
Although the lineup's changed since our last survey at 10,000 views, overall reader preferences haven't. Ken's taken a bit of a hiatus, which has caused the proportion of my posts to the total number available to grow significantly. Nevertheless, Ken has three of the top five posts, with an overall total that easily trumps mine.

It appears that you still prefer quality to quantity. Congratulations once again, Ken! Now write me a post!

- Ralph

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