Tuesday, October 14, 2008

While We Were Sleeping...

President Bush signed the PRO-IP into law. The Prioritizing Resources and Organzation for Intellectual Property Act beefs up penalties and creates an "Information Czar" to oversee enforcement of intellectual property rights. Any guesses as to which side people fall on this?

The MPAA's happy. The RIAA's happy. They say:
Additional tools for intellectual property enforcement are not just good for the copyright community but for consumers who will enjoy a wider array of legitimate offerings.

But Public Knowledge said:
The Pro-IP bill was not necessary. It simply adds penalties to a copyright regime that already is out of balance.
Whose right? Read the H.R. 4279 for yourself. And think of this - how many times have you inadvertently broken the law recently, thinking that by purchasing a recording or movie you were allowed to use it as you pleased.

Looking over the roll call vote, I see that Rick Boucher, the Representative from my native commonwealth Virginia who "gets" the Internet, voted Nay. As for my representative, Eric Cantor? "Aye."

Aye-yi-yi! Time for another letter to my congresscritters!

- Ralph

Day 119 of the WJMA Web Watch.

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