Saturday, April 14, 2012

Men's 4-Miler Training, Part 1

I’m starting a new adventure today – kind of.

I signed up for the Men’s 4-Miler Training Program offered by the Charlottesville Track Club. For a modest fee, volunteers from the club hold weekly group training runs and supply a nine-week program schedule to help men go from not running at all to being able to complete a 4-mile run.

I had just started running when I had to go into the hospital for an extended stay. By the time I got out, I had lost most of the muscle strength I had built up. After a few tries, I decided the best course for me was a more structured program – so I signed up for the training.

The first session today wasn’t bad at all. All the volunteers are encouraging, and the run (this time) was easy – just twice around the track for a distance of a half mile. And it was a combination of running and walking (30 seconds run/60 seconds walk).

I felt good after it was over, and actually was looking forward to the week’s schedule of runs and exercise. We’ll see if I can sustain that attitude!

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