Saturday, April 21, 2012

Men's 4-Miler Training, Part 2

I'm chronicling my efforts to get back into running after a long absence. To start, I'm participating in the Men’s 4-Miler Training Program offered by the Charlottesville Track Club

Today was the second meeting of the Men’s 4-Miler training. We ran (actually walked and ran) three-quarters of a mile, which was an increase over the previous week. But that’s the idea – to build towards that 4 mile race on June 17, we need to keep building up strength and building up the distance.

I felt pretty much the same this time as I did last week after the session. That is, I was just shaking the rust off. My joints were fine. I didn’t feel especially sore or tired -- at the time. However, I finished a 3 hour-session on my riding lawn this afternoon. When that was over, I felt pretty stiff.
Youch! I'm thinking next time I’ll need to take more breaks and keep the joints loose.

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