Sunday, May 13, 2012

Return to Gasoline Alley

February 14, 1921 the comic strip Gasoline Alley took a dramatic turn (for the better). Previously, it had been a humor strip about a group of guys working on cars in the shared alley where their garages were. It was topical for the day, when almost everyone who had an automobile had to work on it to keep it running (sort of the like the early days of personal computing where everyone had to know a little DOS to operate the system).

Had it remained so, Gasoline Alley probably would have been cancelled sometime in the late 1920's. Instead, on Valentine's Day, Skeezix was placed on Walt Wallet's doorstep, and the strip started chronicling the adventures of this thrown-together family. As it continues to do so today.

Recently, Rufus (a mainstay supporting character) had to find good homes for some kittens. He left one at Walt Wallet's, which lead to a classic flashback. (click on images to enlarge)



A fine reference by current writer/artist Jim Scancarelli. And -- for this comics fan -- an appreciated one.

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