Thursday, May 10, 2012

FedEx or FauxEx 2

Seems to me I just wrote about a fake email from FedEx just last month (FedEx or FauxEx?). And so I did. Arriving in my inbox today was a variation on the theme, and I must say it's not much of an improvement over the original. Here's the message. (click on image to enlarge)

The primary difference this time is that it's from the US Postal Service -- sort of.  The header says USPS, and the body of the letter talk about USPS, but it's signed "FedEx Services." Well, perhaps someday FedEx and UPS will take over the post office, but I don't think its happened yet.

It's still the same reason for non-shipment: the package is not the right size or weight (never mind the fact that I didn't order anything that might be an odd size or weight).

There's a tracking number. A quick check at proved it to be bogus (no surprise).

The document's filled with fractured English:"keeping over limited time," "nearest post office of USPS," and so on.

And the label parcel I'm supposed to print out is  a zip file. It's s a self-extracting file that, once downloaded, will open itself up and probably install something on my computer (and I might not be aware of it, either).

There was one nice touch, though. If I don't claim this package, the USPS will charge me $9.23 a day for storage. It prompts one to act quickly to avoid all those charges -- and maybe not take the time to really consider what's going on.

Sadly, there will be plenty of people who will take this at face value and open the attachment. Worse, there will be some who will recognize that this is a scam, but open the attachment anyway just to see what will happen.

Not me. And hopefully not you, either, should this land in your mailbox.

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