Friday, June 28, 2013

CCC 077 - Eurico Carrapatoso

This installment of the Consonant Classical Challenge features Portuguese composer Eurico Carrapatoso. Carrapatoso has a well-rounded catalog of works, ranging from orchestral compositions, through chamber and vocal music. Stylistically, Carrapatoso reminds me a little of Franz Schimdt (without the intensity).

Carrapatso's music is quite lyrical, and flows effortlessly over top rich, warm harmonies. His style is especially well-suited to choral composition, as this exceprt from his "Magnificat em talha dourada" demonstrates. Carrapatoso builds on choral traditions to create works of great beauty.

Carrapatoso's orchestral writing is also linear in motion. In his work "Little Lyric Music" for string orchestra, one can hear the individual lines develop and come together to create the harmony.

Carrapatoso also uses the folk traditions of his native land, which gives his music a fresh sound. This short work for soloists, children's choir and orchestra, "O Lobo Diogo e o Mosquito Valentim" is a good example.

Carrapotoso has a real affinity for sacred choral music. The video below for his a capella work "Sombras" follows the music with the score, letting you see as well as hear Carrapoto's artistry.

Eurico Carrapatoso has found a way to take classical and sacred music traditions and create something new. There's a deep spirituality to his work, one that audiences should immediately respond to. For choirs -- and orchestra -- looking to expand their repertoire, Eurico Carrapatoso's music might be a good place to start.

Recommended Recordings

Eurico Carrapatoso: Caminhos De Orfeu / Rosa, Moody, Oliveira, Grupo De Musica Contemporanea De Lisboa

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