Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gasoline Alley and the Old Comic Strip Challenge - 4

In a sequence that began on April 9, 2013, Gasoline Alley centenarian Walt Wallet receives an invitation to the Old Comics Home dinner. Walt has reminisced before about his fellow characters from discontinued comic strips. And since Gasoline Alley began in 1918, there are quite a few of his contemporaries who have been retired. (Read the whole series here)

It's taken longer than I thought to research these pages (see When Facial Recognition Fails) Now that I've checked all my resources both on- and off-line, it's time to continue with this quixotic project. 

Day 4 of the sequence took a while to figure out -- and it's just one character! (click on image to enlarge).

It turns out that the old man Walt's talking to was a major character in a very minor comic strip. And Her Name Was Maud was a strip about a battle of will between Maud (a mule) and Si Slocum, the farmer who owned her. The strip started in 1916 and ran off an on for over 15 years. Creator Frederick Burr Opper incorporated the characters into his other strip, Happy Hooligan (who also makes an appearance in this Gasoline Alley sequence).

1. Si Slocum - And Her Name Was Maud (1916 - 1932) by Frederick Burr Opper

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