Friday, June 21, 2013

CCC 076 - Salvatore Di Vittorio

This week's subject of the Consonant Classical Challenge is Italian composer and conductor Salvatore Di Vittorio. Vittorio's most-performed works are his tone poems, and show the influence of countryman Ottorino Respighi. Like Respighi, Vittorio doesn't seem especially concerned about following the latest trends, but rather creating deeply personal -- and beautiful -- music of substance.

Di Vittorio is the music director of the Chamber Orchestra of New York, and has a first-hand knowledge of orchestral instruments. That knowledge of the capability of the instruments, and the many ways they can be effectively combined play an important role in Di Vittorio's compositions.

The Sinfonia No. 1 is one of Di Vittorio's programmatic works. Listen to the artful turn of phrase and the lush harmonies used.

Di Vittorio has help prepare critical editions of Respighi's orchestral works. Di Vittorio uses similar orchestration techniques in his own compositions. His Sinfonia No. 2 is a good example.

The connection between Italy's foremost 20th Century symphonist and Di Vittorio -- a 21st Century Italian symphonist -- is made even clearer in his composition "Overture Respighiana."

Salvatore Di Vittorio has composed operas, chamber works, and and several other major compositions for orchestra., all in an appealing neo-romantic style. As popular as Respighi is in the concert hall, it's somewhat surprising that Di Vittorio's music isn't better known. With Di Vittorio, an orchestra could program a contemporary work that both newcomers and traditionalists could enjoy. Fortunately, Di Vittorio has access to an ansemble well-suited to performing his works. All I have to do is make the trip to New York City.

Recommended Recordings

Di Vittorio: Sinfonias Nos. 1 and 2

Le Prime Sinfonie Di Salvatore Di Vittorio

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