Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fair and balanced -- our bottom five posts

In our last post we took stock of where we were after 10,000 views, and ran down our five most popular posts. Here's the five least popular posts, in descending order. Why list them? Well, hopefully to give these entries another chance.
5) ...there's Apple TV -- The iPhone's continues to get all the press, but I still think Apple TV has the potential to be the more important release.

4) Format fallout -- The final installment of my commentary on the WGMS/WETA nightmare. Let's all hope the story's over, but there's an outside chance we'll be revisiting this sometime in the future.

3) Digital Syllogism -- There's still a lot of folks with expensive flat-panel TVs who think they're watching HDTV, but they're not. I tried.

2) The Digital Dogma Divide -- Strangly, the follow-up post where I provided a real-world example of my premise garnered more views.
And the absolute least read post so far:
1) Return of the Marching Memes -- OK, so no one's interested in our little musical challenge. We'll try something else.
And, yes, all five at the bottom are mine. Ken doesn't post as often, but he did take home the prizes this time. Quality wins over quantity again!

- Ralph

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