Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Digital Dogma Divide Demo

Yesterday I wrote about the primary arguments satellite radio and HD Radio supporters throw at each other. The subtext of premium content vs. no subscriptions isn’t hard to find. Here’s a sampling of quotes from the customer reviews for the Boston Acoustics Recepter Radio HD on the Circuit City website.

Those who gave the radio good reviews included these comments [italics added for emphasis]:
"HD is the future of free radio."

"I like my local talk radio programs so that is why I went with HD radio vs. satellite, and it's free of course."

"I was able to get all these additional channels… without paying a subscription fee."

"Yes, the radio is ugly, but i sure like not paying XM!!!"
And while there were some negative comments about the radio itself, there were statements like these [italics added for emphasis]:
"Save your money and get Satellite Radio… which have hundreds of stations HD Radio just carries local stations."

"It's OK, but my Sirius Satellite Radio is just plain awesome... content is everything and Sirius has it all...."

No subscription fees vs. premium content. The non-discussion continues.

- Ralph

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