Monday, July 14, 2008

Another milestone -- and our top five posts

This weekend "CE Conversations" passed another major milestone. According to Feedburner, (which tracks the subscribers to our RSS feed and hits to our Feedburner mirror site), we've had over 30,000 views to our modest little blog. (The StatCounter down in the lower right of this page tracks direct traffic to this site, but it hasn't been activated very long).

Every 10,000 views, we take a look at the most -- and least -- popular posts of all time, to see what you like to read (and what you don't).

So here's our five most popular posts since we launched in August 2006.
5) A Worthy Supporting Role (Ken) -- commentary on Rex Ingram's role in "Sahara" and how it played against racial stereotypes.

4) Who needs an iPhone, when.... (Ken) -- suggesting an alternative to the iPhone madness. It was written about the first generation iPhone, but Ken's thoughts are still just as valid.

3) Kens' Jeopardy Adventure (Ken) -- a new entry to the top five. I wonder how many readers thought this was about Ken Jennings. If our Ken aquits himself well on the show, maybe it won't matter.

2) The RIAA and the low-price spread (Ralph) -- another new entry to the list. The story of how the dairy industry tried to turn consumers away from margarine and back to butter with archane legislation seemd to me to have interesting parallels with the record industry's current shenanigans.
And the most popular post to date remains,
1) Greenberg Revisited (Ralph) -- discussing the importance of well-researched price guides as opposed to relying on Ebay to determine the value of collectibles
When we started, both Ken and I were writing about an equal number of posts. But with the passage of time and Ken's increasingly rigorous triathlon training regimen, his contributions have become less frequent even as his race stats have improved.

Quality still trumps quality among CE Conversation readers, though. Despite his decreased posting schedule, Ken still has three of the top five posts -- and his overall total of views still bests mine.

- Ralph

Day 30 of the WJMA Web Watch.


  1. Fantastic image, and fantastic milestone! This is one of my favorite blogs, as it's always good to chat about the evolution of local media. Speaking of which, I'm still up for an off-line meeting to discuss various things.

  2. Thanks! Although I talk about local media, I'm hoping folks see the relevance to what's happening in their area -- I think the trends are universal.

    Let's plan on something next week (I'll contact you through your email).