Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fair and balanced -- our five worst posts

Our last post we took stock of where we were after 30,000 views and ran down our five most popular posts. As as we've done before when we pass a milestone like this, we're also going to run down the five least popular posts, in descending order.

After all, what you don't like should get the same attention from us as what you do.
5) After the Bum Rush (Ralph) -- My analysis of the attempt to game the iTunes charts seemed to be of little interest to readers. Perhaps if I had used the uncensored version of the Black Lab's album art for "Passion Leaves a Trace."

4) The RIAA and musical myopia (Ralph) -- This was an explanation of the relationship between the RIAA, SoundExchange, the Copyright Board and how it all impacted Internet radio. A little too music-geekish, perhaps?

3) Pulling Cable (Ken) -- Ken's post about new fiber being laid in his neighborhood had him wondering if HDTV would soon be available. It was. And that's that.

2) The Revolution Will Be Dugg (Ralph) -- My commentary about the spreading of DRM codes as an act of civil disobedience seemed to not add much to the conversation.
And the absolute least-read post so far:
1) Return of the Marching Memes (Ralph) -- This was also the least popular post when we did the first survey at 10,000 views, and still sat in the basement at the 20,000 mark. Well, it seemed like a good idea when I wrote it...
Once again, I have four of the five bottom posts. Ken has one entry on the low end, but he still makes a strong showing in the top five.

We'll keep working hard to turn out posts you want to read -- and we'll take our lumps when we fall short.

- Ralph

Day 31 of the WJMA Web Watch.

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