Monday, July 07, 2008

WJMA and the change that wasn't

Stop the (virtual) presses! There's finally been a change at the WJMA website!

As you may recall, we've been keeping tabs on this site as something of a case study on what works (and doesn't) for businesses on the web. And the change (after 23 days of an "under construction" placeholder) leaves yours truly with something of a dilemma. Should I consider our web watch finally over? Is this the final version of WJMA's website?

Hopefully not.

Because only two things have changed. The "under construction" line is gone, and the copyright notice has been updated to 2008.

So are we done? Is this the case of a mountain laboring to bring forth a mouse? [Aesop reference]

I don't really think so. I just think the placeholder's been spruced up a bit.

To the general public, nothing's really changed. You can get to the WJMA website, but you can't click on anything. You can't find out what services they offer, or any background about the business, or who to contact for advertising, or any information that a professional website should have.

I'm going to assume that there's a bigger and better WJMA website on the way. Nice try, but I'm not going to reset the counter. We're now into day 23 of the WJMA Web Watch.

But at least, we know there's somebody home!

- Ralph

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