Thursday, September 06, 2012

One thousand posts

This is the 1000th post published on this blog, so it seemed a fitting time to take a brief look back. When it started back in August, 2006, this blog was called "CE Conversations," and was co-written by Ken Nail and myself.

The idea was to have a consumer electronics blog with alternating viewpoints. Hence, a Consumer Electronics Conversation (clever, no?). Over time, Ken became involved in other activities, and his contributions to CE Conversations lagged, making it a very much one-sided conversation. (You can see what Ken's up to in his own blog, Milestones).

And over time the focus started to shift from consumer electronics to Internet technology and social media. And from there, my own personal passions -- classical music, comic strips, vintage toys, etc. -- came to the fore. The blog was now permanently off topic, and so it became Off Topic'd.

In the olden days, traffic climbed very slowly. Whenever we reached a significant milestone (or mille borne in French), we'd take a look at the stats and report on the top five posts (and bottom five posts) of all time. We started with Blogger, and when Google took the service over, a lot of those stats got blown out. Even so, it will be fun to look over the last six years as best we can, and see which of our kilo posts were killer posts, and which were filler posts.

Since the topics for Friday and Monday posts are already set, we'll begin our look back on Tuesday next (I'll put links in when they publish). Thanks to all our readers. And special thanks to everyone who's commented (except the spambots, of course).

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