Monday, September 24, 2012

Running the Road to Recovery 9

Running the Road to Recovery is about coming back from an illness. In June, 2012 I was in training for a 4-mile race, and was able to run 3-4 miles at a decent (OK, mediocre) rate of speed. A kidney infection that triggered a secondary infection to my knees derailed my training. But only temporarily.

I was hoping to get up to 4 miles, but I've topped out at 3.5. I only have about an hour to run in the mornings, so until my pace picks up, the distance won't change that much. That's OK, though -- it still means I can do a 5k in less than an hour (a big deal for someone in my condition). The trick now is to find a race on a date I have free. In the meantime, I'll keep working on the pace.

Date Time Distance Run/Walk Rate
9/24/12 57:39 5.63k all run 5.82k/h
9/17/12 52:25 5.23k all run 5.92k/h
9/10/12 37:14 4.82k all run 7.82k/h
9/02/12 32:21 3.21k all run 5.9k/h
8/27/12 33:14 3.21k all run 5.8k/h
8/20/12 38:22 2.36k 3 min./30 sec. 3.60k/h
8/13/12 32:37 1.95k 1.5 min./30 sec. 3.60k/h
8/5/12 29:49 1.76k 1 min./30 sec. 2.88k/h
7/30/12 13:30 .80k 1 min./30 sec. 2.88k/h

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