Friday, December 08, 2006

Wi-Ex Update

I received some unusual feedback from my post about cell phone service in Orange – the product manager for Wi-Ex wrote me a nice e-mail wanting to talk more about his product.

After a few failed phone calls (no one believes me when I tell them how bad my cell coverage is), he sent a follow up e-mail.

I appreciated the friendly tone and helpful information in the e-mail, so rather than paraphrase I’m presenting the original text below. To Wi-Ex, I say thanks for joining the conversation!

- Ralph

I've left several messages to follow-up with you on some feedback on your experience and provide some additional info on zBoost. I understand the poor coverage issues you are experiencing in your area so I thought some info by email would be helpful.

We have made zBoost very consumer friendly and very easy to setup. First, we include everything in the box necessary to easily install zBoost. We also include three documents, an Installation Overview, Installation Tips and a more detailed Installation Guide.

The Installation Overview provides a "quick start" guide to ensure your phone is compatible with the zBoost model purchased, pictures of everything included in the box and an illustrated easy installation guide. The Installation Tips provide more information to ensure maximum performance from zBoost. The Installation Guide provides detailed instructions, troubleshooting tips, our one-year warranty information, specifications and how to contact Wi-Ex.

Wi-Ex also offers accessories to enhance the performance of zBoost. Your particular situation with extremely low signal would benefit from the upgrade higher gain antennas to pull in more signal. Our website,, provides more information on all products and accessories allowing customers to purchase directly online, if desired.

John A. Davis
Director – Product Management
Wi-Ex "Extending Cell Zones"

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