Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Netflix Stream

As most have probably heard, Netflix will begin offering streaming movies and TV programs shortly to subscriber's computers. The key words here are "streaming" and "computers." As Ralph pointed out recently, the promise of "convergence" -- computers and home entertainment working in tandem -- is being prodded along by the introduction of Apple TV.

Yet the promise of online movie delivery is being held back by commercial and tech obstacles. Movie studios don't want to give up their distribution businesses, and fear even more prevalent and piracy and file-sharing if users can download movies.

By streaming the movies exclusively to user's PCs, Netflix does an end-around these problems, and gives customers another reason to choose their service. You don't have to pay anything extra for the service -- you just get a set amount of time you can stream movies every month, based on your Netflix subscription level. Initial reports and reviews are encouraging, and there may be a good market for this, particularly for those on the go, like business travelers who can link into WiFi networks.

At any rate, time will tell, and it's nice to see Netflix make a creative move in this direction.


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