Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Virtual Reality Check

The Pew Internet and American Life Project recently completed a survey on technology use -- with some very interesting results. 49% of those surveyed had no use for technology. Some don't because they can't afford to, some because they're too old to adapt. But then there are some that actually uses cellphones, Internet connections, etc., but only gudgingly.

Let's ponder that for a second. The knowledge available on the Internet, the discussions in blogs and forums, podcasts, streaming videos, late-breaking news, citizen-journalism -- almost half the population doesn't know about it, and/or doesn't care.

According to the survey, there aren't two monolithic blocks of haves and have-nots glaring at each other across the digital divide (I've talked about this before). There are subgroups who accept or reject technology in varying degrees.

Check out the report, and take the survey's quiz to see where you fall in the spectrum (I'm a Connector). And as we continue to read, and explore and converse over the Internet, it will be helpful to remember those who don't -- by choice.

- Ralph

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